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Third Time's a Charm!

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Right before Valentine’s Day weekend. Melbourne went into its third lockdown since COVID-19 hit and its first for the year 2021.

It was Friday 12 February 2021 and everyone was getting ready for Valentine's dinners and celebrations in typical Melbourne style and then BOOM the news of a Snap Lockdown. People had to cancel their plans and rush to get things done before lockdown rules applied.

The day for me started with my hubby cancelling his trip back from interstate to avoid lockdown even though lockdown was not yet confirmed! He was trying to reach a decision whether he should get back to Melbourne or wait it out and I said no need to rush back. Even though he had been away for a few weeks, and I had been doing the single parenting thing for some time, and it was Valentine’s day, a celebration weekend!

This year we had organised to have a fun family outing for Valentine’s Day because I wanted to teach my two young teens all about Self-Love. Something I did not understand fully until my forties. It was not something you were taught in schools during my time or something you grew up knowing in The Middle-East and North Africa in the 80s and 90s.

That Friday I found my anxiety levels rising due to the negative news at stake. I acknowledged my feelings and went on my day and at around 3pm while I was at my regular health appointment my practitioner mentioned that we are going into lockdown again. That is when Lockdown 3.0 Melbourne was confirmed at 3pm on 12 February 2021

I experienced a few interesting emotions that day, one of which was ‘Here we go again’ followed by ‘lockdown is going to be fun because the kids will be home from school next week’ followed by ‘everything will be closed I better start planning what we need for the week on short notice ‘

I found myself rescheduling appointments and running to a few stores to get stuff done and then managed to get my hair blow waved at my fabulous hairdresser who was very accommodating and managed to fit me in.

I got home with one hour to spare before lockdown started at midnight feeling I had done what I had to, to get prepared for whatever is to come.

I was so happy and grateful that amongst everything I managed to fit in my blow wave because that was my gift to me on Valentine’s Day #selflove

Why a blow wave? It is something I used to treat myself to during my days in Cairo. It is a simple act of Self-Love and Self-Care that makes me Happy every time!

This message was initially shared on my personal Instagram page @marwa_rida_design to help others see that they too can make time to do the things that bring joy to their hearts and helps them in practicing Self-Love and Self- Care.

So whether it’s a blow wave, a massage, a pedicure or any other Self-Care routine you may enjoy. Make time for you and know that

Some things may happen outside of your control to change your plans. It is how you react to the change that happens that will change your outcome.

Happy Lockdown 3.0 Melbourne. Third Times a Charm!


P.S I will be giving myself lots of Self-Love this weekend and encourage you to do so too!


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