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Meet your LifeStyle Design Consultant

By harnessing The Grandness of The Pharaohs, I use the power of invention and creation to reach solutions that change your way of life from where it is today, to a life beyond your expectation and imagination!

​When you allow yourself to be guided through a series of processes that impact your mind, body and spirit you accomplish a happier and more prosperous lifestyle. You also achieve your highest quality of success in life through a series of workshops, events and coaching that transforms your physical environment, your body and your overall outlook.

​With a diverse background and years of life and work experience as an entrepreneur, I have worked with people from all walks of life including government officials.  Some of these experiences include, running my event planning, design and styling business, and previous work in one of Australia’s Top universities (The Australian National University) and Egypt’s Top private schools (The American International School), as well as previous work in The United Arab Embassy in Canberra. This gives me the unique point of difference you are looking for in a LifeStyle Design Consultant and descendant of the pharaohs.

I am a friendly, highly intellectual, bilingual, mother of two. A solution-oriented professional with a high degree of trust, integrity, and confidentiality.

As an Australian migrant, I am aware of the many cultural and religious sensitivities. Clients seek my unique skillset and services to help them design and start living the life they were always meant to live.

Lets get started!

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