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Practicing Self Love Today and Everyday Not only on Valentine’s Day!

It is a known fact that practicing a form of Self-Love regularly adds to your overall feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Self-Love is the best form of love you can give yourself during turbulent times whether you are in lockdown or out of lockdown. Do Not wait for your partner or other people to give you love, start my loving yourself first and everything else will follow.

Some simple actions you can take to bring in happiness and joy to your everyday is;

1- Doing more of what you Love.

Whether it’s dressing up, enjoying some time in nature or going for a walk on the beach or simply spending time to meditate or listen to music. Doing more of what you love releases endorphins which adds to your feeling of overall wellbeing and happiness.

2- Visiting your happy place often.

Do you know where your happy place is? It is usually the place you feel most relaxed at. Sundays are a great day to indulge in more self-love activities to recharge your mind, body and soul for the week ahead. Visiting your happy place often is a form of Self-Love. #selflovesunday

3- Stress Less.

Stress leads to heart disease. Heart disease is one of the main causes of death in the 21st century according to World Health Organisation . Our modern day lives are filled with stress. It is your job to look after your body and find ways to de-stress. So, whether it’s having a long bath, singing in the shower, practicing yoga or going for long walks in nature. Your body will guide you to the best ways it likes to de-stress. It is your job to listen to the messages your body is sending you and to act upon them.

4- Take Time out of your Everyday Environment. Go on a journey dedicated to Self-Love.

Some simple actions we take bring in happiness and joy. Like going on a journey to look after you and filling your tank during your self-love journey so you continue to fill others’ tank. Taking a trip and time out of your everyday environment is a form of Self-Love and Self-Care.

Many mothers continue to ignore their own need for love and keep giving to their children out of an empty tank and become frustrated when they feel depleted of energy and Love. The answer to your vitality is to start investing more time in self-love activities to recharge your mind, body and soul so you can lived a life of abundance.

5- You are Enough #iamenough

Do Not wait for validation from outside of yourself to know that you are enough as Merissa Peer one of our favourite Therapists shares, most of our problems start from our thoughts that we are Not enough.

Knowing that you are enough and saying it out loud to yourself daily in front of a mirror ‘ I am Enough’ is a form of Self-Love and will ensure you get past any limiting beliefs and thoughts that are blocking you from showing up in the world in your best self.

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Listen to Marwa’s self-love message shared on Valentines Day here

Love Yourself Today and Everyday 💗💕💗

Happy Valentine’s Day

‎عيد الحب ~ حب الذات ليست أنانية . حب الذات هو ان تحب نفسك وتكتشف رغباتك وتعمل علي تحقيقها

‎حب الذات يحتوي على احترام الذات وعدم المخاوضة في شيئ لا يشبهك ولا يتفق مع قيمك #حب_ذاتك

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