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Looking after you should be high on your To-Do in Twenty Twenty-One

Welcoming the New Year 2021 and Looking after You!

Many women and mothers in business get carried away looking after others and forget to Stop and look after themselves.

Over my many years in business as an entrepreneur and mother in business I developed a habit of taking time out to look after me. Whether it was 24 hours or 48 hours the length of time did not matter what mattered was I focused solely on my health and wellness and looking after myself to be able to continue giving and looking after others. That is in addition to blocking out time to look after me on a daily basis whether it’s taking time out to enjoy a walk in nature, sit in a quiet corner and read or work on a creative project that I enjoy.

In the episode below I share some tips as I am taking time out to look after me, to help you too look after you, as you enter a New Year 2021.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live our lives and the way we do business but it has also highlighted the importance of looking after our health both physical and mental

So what are you going to do to look after you in 2021 and beyond?

Here are a few suggestions;

  • Book a massage or treatment

  • Get a hair cut or get a new colour

  • Book time away

  • Read a book

  • Catch-up with a friend

  • Go for a walk in nature

  • Cook a healthy meal

  • Watch your favourite show

  • Meditate

Stay Blessed

Have a fabulous year ahead

❤️ Marwa

Your LifeStyle Design Consultant


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