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Journey to Wellness through Yoga Practice

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others

During my many years running a small event business in Canberra, Australia then moving it to Melbourne,Australia in its later years. I pushed my mind and body to limits which tested my resilience in many ways.

Through my journey in managing a small event team and designing, styling, and executing unique event experiences I developed a back injury from the strenuous work involved with the lifting and styling of events. I did Not need to go to the gym, my work was a gym!

And while I loved what I did and how things unfolded beautifully at every event. My health suffered as I kept pushing through my pain.

Twenty-Twenty was the year I decided to STOP putting myself last and started focusing on my Health and Wellness through a planned Wellness Journey.

They say practice makes perfect. Don’t strive for perfection strive to make a difference in your body and mind. Stop and listen to your body to understand what it is telling you to do and how to look after it. Remember a healthy body leads to a healthy and positive mindset.

Practicing yoga regularly has been my saviour and I am so happy at the progress my body is now making. When I researched my connection to yoga. I realised that my ancestors, The Pharaohs practiced a type of yoga called Kemetic yoga which dates to pharaonic times.

Kemetic yoga is an Egyptian system of yoga that predates Indian yoga practices and involves a combination of physical movements, deep breathing techniques and meditation. It is derived from the name ‘Kemet’ one of the names of ancient Egypt.

This form of yoga has a larger emphasis on breathing patterns, while also inculcating the philosophies of self-development, healing of mind-body-spirit and self-discovery.

Kemetic yoga poses were seen on the walls of temples in ancient Egypt as per image below.

Want to know how you too can include yoga practice in your daily routine? Let’s chat


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