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What’s your SuperPower?

'I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky, I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away' R.Kelly

I have been coached and mentored by males and females over the many years in business and entrepreneurship.

Here’s what I noticed, when I was coached by a man I started acting like a man pushing for that sale, not caring what others thought, leaving clothes on my bedroom floor, ignoring my kids needs at times, which is so Not Me!

I got carried away with the coach’s teaching methods and his strong masculine energy, that I started losing the sense of who I am and what my superpowers were.

Then when I was coached by a woman I started feeling more connected to who I truly am. The female business coach taught me to look after myself through self-care and self-love, do more of what I love, harness my creativity and the list goes on ...

It is then that I realised my superpower is in my femininity Not masculinity!

In business, we get taught what it takes to be in a man’s world. However, what we need to do is find and fit in a world that suits us, which might not necessarily be a man’s world.

I share this to help you realise that what you are looking for in life, lies in who you really are, whilst connecting with yourself and your inner child.

I am Thankful for all the coaches and mentors that helped me along my business journey, without them I wouldn’t be able to coach others and see the results in the people I have coached, change their way of life, making them achieve new levels beyond their expectation and imagination.

Are you ready to find your Superpower and embrace your feminine and/or masculine energy? Want to know how to get started?
Let’s chat!

Every day, I take time out to look after myself and embrace my feminine energy by doing more of what I love.

I put time into what I wear, how I wear it, my make-up, what I feed my body and the amount of sleep and rest my body needs to function in its optimal condition.

I make time to move my body and ensure I

spend time outdoors between online meetings to enjoy the simple things like sunshine and nature.

What can you do to look after You?



Your LifeStyle Design Consultant

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