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What is LifeStyle ?

“You will never change your Life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your LifeStyle Success lies within your daily routine"

LifeStyle is Life & Style. It is Not only How you live and style your life but much more!

1- Who you surround yourself with; your friends, family and community online and offline.

2- How you show up in the world; Your image and personality.

3- The choices you make to improve or change your life from where it is to where you want it to be

🔸 Where you live - Is a lifestyle choice.

🔸 How you live - Is a lifestyle choice.

🔸 What you do for a living - Is a lifestyle choice.

🔸 What religion or spiritual path you wish to follow - Is a lifestyle choice. Many people are born into a religion, they never chose. Continuing to follow that religion is a lifestyle choice.

🔸 Getting married, having a baby or two , adopting a child or two, having a fur buddy or two and much more!

It is your Life so live it, love it, style it just the way you want and don’t wait for approval from others.

I never did and here’s where it took me ...

➡️ Getting married, moving out of my country of origin, Egypt to creating a life in a new city and new country, Canberra, Australia.

➡️ Knocking on doors that wouldn’t open up initially. Giving myself the experience and opportunity that I sought.

➡️ Creating a family with my life partner, having a boy and then a girl ; what I put out to the universe.

➡️ Starting my first business working in an Industry I love and helping others along the journey.

➡️ Moving again fifteen years later, to live in a city I adore, Melbourne, Australia's most livable city.

What is your LifeStyle? Are you designing it to be the way you’ve always envisioned it to be? If Not whats stopping you?

You can have excuses or you can go out and make things happen. The Choice is yours.


Your LifeStyle Design Consultant™️


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