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Twelve Twenty-Twenty Reflections

Twenty-Twenty the year that challenged and changed many of us was no doubt a transformative year for many people across the globe.

I am glad the year is over, and I got to celebrate the end of it with my family post two lockdowns in Melbourne, whilst traveling interstate to Australia’s sunshine state of Queensland.

When I sit and reflect on the year that has gone, I can see how it has been a year of transition and transformation for me on many levels.

My friend Peace co-founder of AusMumpreneur community shared the activity below in The Women’s Business School and I am re-sharing my version below to encourage you to share yours

Twelve reflections of 2020 #12reflectionsof2020

Three lessons I’ve learnt:

1- No matter what gets thrown at you, find a way to keep pushing and keep smiling

2 - Through life’s ups and downs look after your body, mind and spirit to be able to look after others

3- Yoga, Meditation & Prayer reduce stress and anxiety in troublesome times. Turn your ritual into a habit

Three things I’ve achieved;

1 - Closed a business that wasn’t serving me.

2 - Initiated a new business , New Life by Design focusing on helping others going through transition and transformation

3 - Looked after my health and my family’s health including my mum who visited Australia early 2020 and got locked in the country for 5 months.

Three things I’m grateful for;

1 - My health and the health of my family.

2 - My ability to transform, change and push through adversity.

3 - My home that provides serenity, love, peace and shelter from the elements.

Three things I did;

1 - Started writing first draft of my first book.

2 - Shared celebration and table styling tips on YouTube and Instagram TV

3 - Looked after my mental health through meditation, regular walks in nature and improved my awareness and grounding techniques

Have a fabulous Twenty Twenty-One and remember ‘All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them’ Walt Disney

With Love and Blessings

Your LifeStyle Design Consultant


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