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Talking Migration, Nostalgia & Belonging @ be:longing Mag Panel

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Panel Discussion held in Smith's Alternative, Melbourne Building, Canberra Australia on 1 December 2018

Two years ago as I was about to make the transition from Canberra to Melbourne. I sat on a diverse panel discussing migration, belonging and nostalgia in the heart of Australia's capital city.

It's a fact, every migrant feels a lack of belonging in their first year of arriving to a new country, new city or new continent!

It is that feeling that propels us as humans to start finding ways to connect with others and find our place in a community that would welcome us in.

Many Skilled Migrants and Expats go through feelings of homesickness and nostalgia as a way to cope with their new reality and new way of life in a new country.

Those feelings of homesickness and sadness can also happen when our identity is shaken in a big way due to a major life changing event, whether its a loss of job or income, loss or closure of a business or loss of a close friend, partner or family member or other challenging life events.

This is usually the time when we start questioning our why, why we are here? The answer to how you are reacting and why you are facing what you are facing is the first step to moving your life forward from where it is to a life beyond your expectation and imagination.

"Keep pushing to find your why even during challenging times"

If you need help moving your life forward, I'm here to help. Clip below shares some tips I explored to help me and my family start belonging


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