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Introducing a native Australian Tree of Life & Beauty ~ The Pandanus

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Nature never ceases to amaze me with its beauty and insights which we as humans can learn so much from just by learning to observe and reflect.

During my recent Queensland visit I fell in love with a native Australian Tree called ~ Pandanus Cookii

At first, I didn’t know the tree name as it is not a tree I had previously seen in Victoria or in Canberra or various parts of New South Wales. It is a type of tree unique to tropical and Northern parts of Australia that is mainly found in tropical and sunny Queensland.

Turns out the tree I was attracted to during my visit, is quite the character as it grows stilt like roots and can move to a different location with its roots expanding to re- locate if the area it is planted in is Not sunny enough. This got me thinking of how we as humans can resemble The Panadanus and will move or relocate to an area that suits our lifestyle if the current area we are planted or born in does not suit us.

The Pandanus tree can also be found as both a male tree (non flowering) or female tree (flowering). Similar to males and females as human species. Its leaves can be used to weave mats and for creating various kinds of accessories. The offcuts of a type of Pandanus can also be planted in pots for interior décor and health purposes.

It was No wonder I fell in love with this amazing native tree and spend my mornings meditating under its shady leaves.

This documentary link covers the different types of pandanus seen in various parts of Australia

As for me, I am glad that me and The Pandanus Cookii share many similar life-loving qualities, the sun being one!

What qualities are you attracted to in the trees you sit under and the plants you grow and nurture in your garden, do you know that that, says something about your personality?

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