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How to really love a woman or a man

Have you been looking for that special someone in your life to love unconditionally but are starting to lose hope?

The problem with relationships these days, is that partners are becoming too complacent thinking that the woman or man in their life will always be there for them no matter what.

Like anything in life, relationships need work otherwise they die, and you may find yourself growing apart and wondering what happened to the love and connection between you.

This is something many couples are struggling with behind closed doors in the modern busy online world we live in. And something I relate to, being married and being in the same relationship for over 17 years.

Today I thought I’d share one of my favorite Bryan Adams songs that really taps into ‘How to really love a woman’ for all of you lovers and romantics out there, currently in a relationship or looking for a long-lasting relationship.

Clip below was taken at one of my favourite beach sides in Melbourne, Australia. I was singing along to the song while listening to the sound of the waves.

As a hopeless romantic and a pop music fanatic, I remember singing this song with one of the boys I had a crush on as a teen.

Nothing eventuated from my crush because it was one-sided. We did however enjoy each other’s company as friends and enjoyed singing pop songs together. This was the way we developed a friendship and connection.

How can you connect with your current partner on a deeper level? Is there an activity you both enjoy? Can you book time to do it together on a regular basis? That is one of the secrets to a successful long lasting relationship.

Do you need help attracting a life partner into your life? Have you been on all the dating sites and it hasn’t worked out?

Let’s Chat and Together attract the partner that deserves you, has been waiting for you and knows how to really love you unconditionally

Marwa Rida

Your LifeStyle Design Consultant

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